In fact, we’re obsessed with good deals, so much so that we create them regularly ourselves. Why? Because when it comes to Europe multi-city travel and complex itinerary vacations, we know we can offer much more value to independent travelers than any other existing offers out there!

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There are some good vacation package deals out there. What’s wrong with them?

      • You may be familiar with the mega-search engines for travel booking,  but you pretty much have to search and create a package on your own. Then, the cost of everything pops up at the end and is most likely much more than what you’d hoped for. You don’t know if you’re getting a good deal or not when choosing this option.

      • You might also be aware of travel deal sites, which could list some enticing package deals. However, what you may not realize until later (or at all) is that they are advertising other companies’ deals in exchange for fees. Once you decide to go with that deal, you’re then re-directed to their website. Different terms and conditions then apply. Stick with the offer and make no changes, and you get the deal, but sometimes, by the time you’re ready to book, that offer is already gone because others have already booked it. You are then left with the next available option, which usually costs a lot more, and is a different deal than the one you had in mind.

      • Some online travel agency sites create and list their own deals, and you can further customize it or even create your package deal from scratch. But for efficiency, cost- and time-saving reasons, their systems are often designed in a way that takes away the human element of travel booking. While they might have travel agents available to assist, it’s for booking purposes only. Everything is DIY nowadays. At the front-end, they rely on the Global Distribution System (GDS) to recommend offers on flights, hotels, etc., and you’re left with an overwhelming amount of choices put in front of you. If you don’t know the area you’re staying in, this puts the onus back on the traveler to work things out for themselves.

      • What can seem like a good package deal at first is not necessarily the best value, and often includes some things but misses others. For example, many deals don’t include airfare, which is often the most expensive part of the trip. If you want something more, you have to pay extra, a lot extra, plus you have little to no control in customizing it to fit your overall needs. In the end, we are adjusting our schedule to meet the deal, or else you have to pay a lot more.

At MultiCityTrips, we’re experienced multi-city travelers and have the first-hand experience in end-to-end planning. We craft our packages based on our traveling experiences because we’ve been through the process ourselves, many times. We know that it’s not always about the deal; it’s the experiences gained throughout our travel journey that matter most. It can’t be just any travel product we choose; these products must meet our specific travel needs.

We know that international multi-city trips are both exciting and rewarding. They are, however, much more complicated to plan and can be overwhelming for those who are traveling to these destinations for the first time. Call us crazy for reversing what currently exists out there…but we think the best package deals should be created specifically to your needs, and everything you need should be included in that deal.


multi-city trips done right

Why are we so confident with our offers, and how do we know we got you a good deal?

Well, first things firsts, it’s because these deals are put together by real, experienced multi-destination experts who know every aspect of these types of trips inside and out. Our experts don’t just understand your needs from a traveler’s perspective, but because many of us have lived there or spent a good portion of our time in these destinations. We bring an authentic perspective from a local standpoint to your trip.

The reason why we’re so confident in our ability to present you with a good deal is the fact that before we reached this point, we tested 100+ packages from many vacation package deal sites. During the testing, we compared deals with ours, side-by-side, line-by-line, down to the exact date, time, and type of products and the results were fascinating. We found that we beat all deals with a better value package overall. For the same quality product offered in the package, our price is up to 50% lower.

Last but not least, our deals are possible because we have direct partnerships with travel suppliers, wholesalers, and airline consolidators who specialize in flights, cruising, accommodation, transportation, and activities within Europe. This gives us endless possibilities to customize your multi-city experience at the best price.


Still not convinced?

Let us break this down for you using example deals we found recently on two popular package deal sites. You’ll see what’s included in those deals and their bottom line prices vs. our prices for the exact same products.

6-Night Central Europe Multi-City Vacation

3 Countries/3 Cities:

Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), and Prague (Czech Republic)

This deal is in October with a round-trip from/to JFK (NEW YORK). Price is per person, based on 2 travelers. Includes airfare, airport taxes, transfers, hotels, rail fares, tours, and daily breakfast.

9-Night Europe Multi-City Vacation

3 Countries/3 Cities:

London (England), Paris (France), and Rome (Italy)

This deal is in September with a round-trip from/to JFK (NEW YORK). Price is per person, based on 2 travelers. Includes international airfare from the US and airfare within Europe, airport taxes, transfers, 3+ star hotels, and rail fare.