MultiCityTrips is a hybrid travel service company and online marketplace that takes an all-embracing and comprehensive approach to leisure travel with a focus on providing amazing multi-destination vacation package deals with fully personalized travel experiences to independent travelers.

Available for both single journey experiences and unlimited journeys for frequent travelers (membership-based), each and every package deal created at MultiCityTrips is air-inclusive and is uniquely customized to suit traveler’s needs. Packages come with a 100% tailor-made itinerary and in-destination support as standard.



Traveling is generally expensive, especially when traveling internationally to multiple cities and countries in one trip. Multi-destination trips are complex, often proving to be overwhelmingly complicated and difficult to plan, especially for first-timers.

On top of that, we’re often restricted by time (most of us can, or prefer to, take 1-2 weeks off from work), the costs of the trip are sky-high, and we start to feel uncomfortable when we’re thrown into the unknown.

Where should we go? Where should we stay? How do we get from point A to point B? How much will all of this cost? All of these factors can keep us away from exploring and experiencing some of Europe’s (and the rest of the world’s) most amazing destinations. This is where we come in…

At MultiCityTrips, fully personalized, multi-city, air-inclusive package deals are our specialty. We solve the difficult and complicated aspects of planning multi-city international trips and provide you with incredible value package deals that cover everything you could possibly need for a multi-city trip: flights, airport transfers, accommodation, transportation between cities/countries, sightseeing and activities.

To ensure the best end-to-end travel experience, our packages include 100% customization, tailor-made itineraries, top-class booking services, and in-destination support!



MultiCityTrips currently offers both a single journey experience for one-off travel planning and a membership-based program for unlimited travel journeys, designed for frequent travelers.

The single journey service offers two planning options for travelers to choose from. Our “Custom Planning” option allows you to craft your entire trip and package deal from scratch. Or, select one of our pre-designed packages from our “Marketplace” to use as a starting point.

Within each option, you also have two comfort levels to choose from, a Standard comfort, or for those who like to travel in style, there’s Luxe. We then completely customize your trip to suit your needs.

If you take more than one vacation a year, you’ll be happy to hear about MultiCityTrip’s Insider Club. This members-only club is designed for frequent travelers, allowing you exclusive and on-demand benefits.

Think unlimited trip planning (whether to Europe, within the US or international destinations), fantastic savings, exclusive deals, and much, much more. With up to 4 members per account, the Insider Club membership offers an array of perks with significant savings to be made. If you travel more than once a year, the membership almost pays for itself!

Find out more about Insider Club here.

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To inspire and enable more people to multiply their ultimate ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences through multi-destination travel.


To be the #1 online travel service site and marketplace for the complete, fully personalized multi-destination vacation packages.


At MultiCityTrips, we don’t just create amazing vacation package deals, we craft lifetime memories, one multi-destination journey at a time. We believe that every trip should be one you’ll remember for years to come.

With this is mind, we established 5 core values to ensure that every journey is a great one:

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Honest, open, transparent, ethical, and fair with our recommendations on products & services.


We provide only the highest standard of travel products and services based on our customer’s needs. We communicate clearly and always deliver in a timely manner.


We simplify multi-destination vacation planning, booking and start-to-finish travel experiences for independent travelers. Our website design, products and service offerings, transparent booking processes and open, honest approach to pricing all make us easy and simple to work with.


We know that travel has an impact. Some journeys aren’t just a getaway or time off work. Travel helps us to learn about other cultures, learn more about ourselves, broaden our perspectives, give us a sense of adventure, and offers life-changing experiences no matter where you go. Our packages take all of this into account, helping to immerse you in a destination rather than just visit it.

Customer Focus

Our aim is to provide a complete start-to-finish experience for our travelers, with each and every journey uniquely crafted to their specific needs. We have a commitment to put the traveler at the heart of every vacation package we create.